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Fire Tables

Fire Tables

Our fire table will extend your outdoor leisure season, and is a perfect complement to our Beer Storage & Tap System. The system runs off natural gas or propane which is stored in a remote location.   We use high quality Copreci valves with optional pilot lights and electronic ignition systems.  A special adaptor is installed before the burner that mixes air with the propane.  The addition of air is important for optimal efficiency and produces a pleasant yellow flame.  The tables come with a river rock umbrella holder and the low wattage lights mounted underneath.

There are a lot of different ways to incorporate fire into your outdoor living space.  Fire pits can be retro-fitted with propane burners to avoid the down side of burning wood.  Alcohol fueled vortex fire and custom fire burners options can also be incorporated into various designs.  Creative inspiration can be found at the website of our supplier


Our custom-built fire tables start at $2,750.

Fire table photo gallery